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I was just an average blogger who was expressing his views on the current economic condition in the country or debating in support of plastic ban with my online friends and followers. However, after a while, it was overwhelming for me and I understood that I need a change. Therefore, I decided to put everything at rest and travel to clear my head. Honestly, that was the best decision of my life and has helped me recognize my true awakening – travel.

As someone who maintains regular blogs, I tend to go through the different blogs and blogger profiles understanding what made them click. With time I realized that more than self-advertisement or proper marketing techniques, it is the passion and willingness to travel to new destinations that help them go! Travel blogging is a crowded field and who wouldn’t love being paid for traveling around the world? However, one must understand that there goes a lot of time, effort and patience to become a successful travel blogger.

In my initial stage as a blogger, I used to take several pictures and put them up online, hoping that people will appreciate my work and I will be rich and famous before I know it. Hitting the viral lottery will boost your online presence and once done correctly, you will be able to see a good monetary income. Just the way a new restaurant is both appreciated and criticized, I too had to undergo this phase which can be a learning lesson.

Travelling lets you mingle with different people that can help you grow emotionally and mentally. You start gaining a fresh perspective on life and discuss stories, and adventures which can be quite helpful. Many also think that this is a lucky job where the concerned person is able to live their dream job and travel around the globe. Some of the things that you will understand, that I did are:

  • You learn more about yourself and understand your core traits.
  • It lets you step out of your comfort zone and try new things, if you are game for it.
  • Travel makes you feel like a citizen of the world where you are constantly discovering and immersing yourself to what every place has to offer.
  • It helps in enhancing self-confidence and corners your fears.
  • Traveling also gives you a spiritual awakening.
  • It teaches you that it is never too late to start anything and that there is no age bar.
  • Most importantly, you do not need to have a huge bank balance, or shed tons of money to travel. Being creative, determined and prepared with an open heart is also important.

But there is another heads up which people need to know is that blogging is something that comes naturally and doesn’t require much effort. So if you would like to consider yourself a serious blogger, or maintain a travel blog, you need to make sure that it reaches out to the world, so that they know about you, your travel insights and in a way you help them decide.

Many elites consider that traveling is for cowards and running away from reality. How I wonder they could not be any more wrong. Travel gives new experiences and a sense of freedom along with the time to pursue dreams and ambitions. Whenever you are traveling to a new place, you never come back as the same person and something about the place becomes a part of your soul forever and thus the reference of feeling like a global citizen.

You also start realizing that it is not important that you conform to social norms as self-happiness is very important and ultimately you start gaining a new perspective on life. So before you start regretting on how you could have done it sooner, you should be in a position to tell your story and how you can inspire others to live the life of their dreams of being a travel blogger, just the way I, Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, a Travel Blogger for Kolkata did. Hope this inspires you to book your travel tickets.

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