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How many times have you been asked whether you are a mountain person or a beach person? Does the might of the mountains allure you or are you drawn to the depths of the waters? What is your pick – the silence of the mountains or the sounds of the waves? The choices may differ but every person has a point when they choose either. The pick is believed to reveal one’s true personality and says a lot about the choices.


Such is the bias of choice that many have linked them to reveal even personality and other traits. A series of experiments at the University of Virginia has proven that those who tend to prefer mountainous areas are mostly introverts whereas those who opt for beaches are more extroverts. In addition, some like both mountain and sea and like to visit places that bring out the best. Browse through the travelogue of a travel blogger, or read any travel blog and you will know that there are certain things that are similar to both – mountains and seas.


Neither the mountain lover nor the beach lover likes to be dependent. They have an independent streak and love their freedom, no matter what is at stake.


Their affection is believed to come right from the heart. Even if the beach person is said to be more expressive, the sense of caring is the same for both.


The love for music is common, although they might have different tastes. Neither can stay without their headphone as music strikes a perfect balance for both personalities.


Irrespective of your choice of location or stay, nothing can satiate the wanderlust that the mountain junks or sea bums are filled with. They have a never-ending love for travel and like to keep it that way.


Both are up for any kind of challenge. While a beach person is sporty in nature and adrenaline junkies by heart, a mountain person will love to scale heights where they can live in their bubble.


So if you are planning on your next vacation and are in a fix, you can always choose places that are known exclusively for their beaches or mountains, or for both. Some of these places include Jamaica with its Blue Mountains, Pitons in St. Lucia, and Mount Haleakala in Hawaii. Both are a different experience and you need to have a thorough knowledge of the place so that you know your destination and can choose accordingly.


Research identifies that open spaces for an outgoing person will encourage their behavior. A study has been conducted to try and ascertain piques in our nature types. When studying people in open areas compared to people in quiet, leafy retreats, what they found was that, although they were minimal, the extroverts have high levels of happiness in the open spaces and the introverts have high levels of happiness being in the quieter places.


A travel blogger will be able to delve more into the subject. According to study into personality types for specific destinations is called the “person-environment fit.” The association of personality types to certain places is determined by character traits. Introverts prefer secluded places where interaction with others is limited — quiet places like mountains. Extroverts will enjoy the beach because they meet people, and are exposed to action and interaction, which suits their nature. If roles are reversed, both parties might experience discomfort in non-preferable environments. Some factors, like age, gender, and race are of no significance when determining you are a mountain dweller or a beach dweller. It was purely down to the personality difference of having an introverted personality type or an extroverted personality type.


Many travel blogs discuss that mountain resorts in the summer make a big effort to still attract visitors with everything from outdoor swimming pools (heated if necessary) to zip lines. You will find that ski trails have become an attraction for mountain hikers and bikers, and eateries that were impossible to get into during snow season are much more welcoming after it thaws.


As for the beach, during the off-season walking along the sand with less or sans crowd is also preferred by some. There are some beach destinations where restaurants and tourist businesses close down until the peak season starts again.


Whether you decide to go to the beach or up to the mountains, find the middle ground so that you feel heard and satisfied with the decision. You can also:

  • Ensure that your next vacation will be the destination which you have opted out this time


  • Get the best of both worlds, where you can enjoy times at the sea and high up the mountains


In the end, what we discover is that the settings we surround ourselves with can truly match and be at harmony with the inner scenery.

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