Benefits of Solo Travel

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Benefits Of Solo Travel

Solo travel is one of the best ways of exploring the world. It provides you with the right way of finding new locales and environs. While a lot has been written about travel, there is very little literature available on solo travel.


I am an enthusiastic travel blogger who will provide you with detailed information on this topic. My name is Sanjay Jhunjhunwala and I reside in Kolkata.


In this article, we provide you with an overview of the benefits of solo travel and how it can help you in exploring the world. Read on to find out how solo travel can help you enjoy life to the fullest.



1.     Decide Where To Go


The best part of traveling alone is that you plan and decide your own itinerary. This gives you ample space to decide exactly where you want to go and how much time you will spend in each spot. This would not have not possible if you would have gone out with your family or your friends as everybody would have a different plan in mind.


This clearly shows that traveling alone has many advantages as compared to traveling in a group. You even get to decide the route that you will choose to reach your destination if there are many available. You also need to make a note of the fact that going with someone always entails compromise whereas going alone makes you master of your ship.


2.     Get To Meet New People


When you travel alone, you have to interact with others as you need their help now and again. On the other hand, if you travel in a group, then you tend to stick to your group members who will shelter you on every occasion. This reduces the chances of interacting with others and keeps you in a veritable cocoon.


Hence, given this scenario, it becomes essential that you travel alone so that you can make new friends and be more sociable than you normally would. You can even interact with the locals and learn about their language and culture. Learning a foreign language and about a foreign culture is always exciting and there is no better way to do this than visit the country that you want to learn about and explore.


3.      Read Books


If you love reading books, then it makes ample sense for you to travel alone. When you are traveling in a group, then it is not possible to read a book as others keep discouraging you from doing the same. This is because they expect you to join in their friendly banter at every occasion. In this way, reading a book goes into the backburner. However, if you are traveling alone, this problem is solved as you are all by yourself and there is nobody present who will disturb you in your reading.


4.     Rediscover Yourself


When you travel you get to find out something about yourself that did not surface earlier. In this way, you rediscover yourself in a way never seen before. This is possible only when you are traveling alone. If you are traveling in a group, you never get any free time for yourself. So there is no chance of finding out and exploring your true identity. Hence, the benefits of solo traveling extend not only to travel but to other domains as well. For more information, you can refer to


5.     Take Ample Rest


If you are traveling alone, you are your own boss and get to decide how much rest you want to get. This helps you recharge your batteries and unwind after a tiring day. On the other hand, if you are traveling in a group then you will always feel the need to join them in whatever activity you are involved in, giving yourself very little time for rest. In this way, it is amply clear that taking ample rest is much easier when you are traveling alone than when you are traveling in a group.


6.     More Economical


It goes without saying that traveling alone costs much lesser than traveling in a group. From flight tickets to hotel bookings, you save money wherever you go simply because you are alone. Also, when you travel in a group, you tend to spend more money on food as everybody wants to have something of their choice. This problem is completely solved when you are traveling alone as you yourself decide on what you want to eat and how many dishes too. This makes it truly worthwhile than going out with a group.


7.     Be Self-Dependent


When you are traveling alone, you come across situations that you need to overcome on a daily basis. In this case, the only person whom you can turn to is yourself. Of course, there might always be someone who will be ready to help you, but it is not mandatory and is more of a bonus. Hence, solo travel makes you self-dependent and provides you with the necessary wherewithal to scale uncharted heights that you have never seen before. Given the above circumstances, it is indeed useful that you learn to be independent and resourceful and you must definitely not let go of this wonderful opportunity of learning new things and having new experiences.


8.     Higher Confidence


When you travel alone, you overcome all problems and obstacles on your own. There is nobody to help you. You find out solutions to these problems using your wit and intelligence. This provides you with a much higher level of confidence that would not have happened had you traveled with others. When you travel in a group, you tend to depend on others for help and never end up solving your problems on your own. This reduces your confidence and is detrimental to imbibing life skills. So if you truly want to stand out from the crowd, you need to ensure that you travel solo as it gives you the necessary expertise to deal with tough situations.


9.     Me Time


In this modern digital age, people are increasingly connected with each other using various media. There is a constant information overload that has made it difficult for us to have any time for ourselves. However, it must be noted that it is absolutely essential for you to have some “me” time for yourself so that you can find your true place in the world. When you travel alone, you learn to love your own company and in this way, you develop traits that help you steer ahead in life without any encumbrances.


10.Be Happy


Finally solo travel helps you be much happier simply because you are alone. When you are alone, you take all the decisions yourself so there is no scope for conflict. On the other hand, if you go out with a group, there is bound to be disagreement and conflict as many minds are at work together. So if you are looking for pure happiness, it makes sense that you travel solo. This will help you have eternal peace of mind and will enable you to get back to work after feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


In this way, it is clear that there are numerous benefits that can be derived from traveling solo. This article on travel blogging just discusses a few of them but there are many more of them that you need to discover for yourself. So why not set off on a solo trip to find them out? This will definitely give you a new perspective on life that you will truly enjoy!

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