About Sanjay Jhunjhunwala

As a child, the world seems like a nutshell – easy to hold and easy to conquer. Childhood dreams are also very simple and it seems that almost everything is possible, until you actually grow up and realize that it is not what you had thought it to be. For some people, what they really want from life, or life call as one can say comes late, some realize it very young. Hence the saying, if you really love your work, you do not have to work a day in your life, holds true.

So when people used to ask Sanjay Jhunjhunwala what he would do if it was the last day on earth, or if he had won an insane amount of money, he would reply, “I’ll travel”. Sticking by that decision, Sanjay has been able to turn it into reality by living his dream. Traveling has given him a sense of freedom and he claims that his exploration interests are being nurtured in the best way possible. He had realized that this was his true calling every time he went out on short trips with his family and had concluded that he would make this his living.

Sanjay claims that this country is expanding and so is the number of trailblazing travel bloggers who are using their blogs to make the most of their travels. Everyone has a unique storytelling method that can pique your interests in unknown ways. Some like to use photographs that not only make visualization easy but also help you get a proper picture of the place. Some believe in showcasing their own experiences and discoveries out to the world, which can also be helpful for others to make their plans.

Sanjay Jhunjhunwala has been maintaining his travel business in Kolkata is a doting father to his twins (boy and girl) and is a family man loved by his family dearly. The travel bug in him motivates him and pushes him to visit different places with family, solo or his dedicated group of friends-cum-fellow travelers. What is more is that he is pursuing his dreams and earning at the same time

It was not an easy decision, as he had to work on convincing his family to let him follow his heart. Once that was successful, there was no looking back and no regrets from anyone. Initially, he was hesitant and was on the verge of giving up on his dreams. Nevertheless, he has not only gained and earned the support but is now considered to be one of the celebrated people with his travel blogs. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala not only encourages people to travel, but his personalization of experience makes you almost pack your bags and head out immediately!

Another aspect that traveling has brought about in Sanjay is overcoming his fears. This has not only helped him realize that you just cannot spend your life if you are just sailing and do not know how to live. Additionally, facing a lot of opposition is in your cards. You need to understand – this is your journey and yours alone. So decide wisely.

If you go through the blogs, you will find certain things common, one aspect being falling in love with yourself. If you have been pushing yourself hard to complete a project in office, or are, busy to attract others in your life you need to find inner peace and if travel gives you that inner glow of happiness so be it. It does not mean that you have to escape the realities of life but on the contrary, it allows you to see the world in a new light, a better world, a new world.

Another thing that Sanjay admits to having earned from all this, is tolerance towards different things in life, appreciation, and patience. These are the key if you want to make it big or at least make a mark in the world.

Attracting a steady follower base has also not been easy considering that travel blogging is in vogue. Having a unique perspective is equally important and everyone is busy sharing their views without actually trying to connect to the readers. This is where Sanjay clicks, where his readers feel an instant connection with what he writes and how. Whether as a hobby or profession, starting a travel blog is easy and can be set up in under 30 minutes. You also need to maintain regular posts that will allow you to keep ahead in the search and let people hear or read to what you have to say.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your travel shoes, take the camera and start creating your space where people get to know you, you get to know things and you share the same passion and interest of traveling with other fellows. On your mark, get set and start going already.