10 Places in Asia To Backpack

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If you want to save time and money and yet do not want to compromise on the traveling, backpacking can be a great option to consider. Whether you are moving in a group or making a solo trip, it can be quite an experience and opens a variety of things to do and see. There are amazing places around the world where you can explore without burning a large hole in your pocket.

If you are looking into travel blogs, or are a professional travel blogger yourself, you must be by now aware of all the potentially favorite locations of backpacking and have already started planning for the same. When it comes to enjoying the region, its diversity, culture, and natural beauty, the best approach would be to getting close to the locals. This need not affect your credit score, nor compromise on the fun quotient of the trip. Here are the 10 places in Asia curated by me, Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, your travel buddy from Kolkata, that you can consider to backpack unless you have already been there done that.

Railay Beach, Thailand: considered one of Thailand’s picturesque white sand beaches, this is located on the tropical shores of the Railay Peninsula. The isle-like seclusion and privacy are enhanced by the cliffs that cut off the peninsula from the mainland and can only be reached by boat. Add to this, various activities including swimming, mountaineering, rock climbing, and restaurants and minor shack style hotels along the beach lets you make the vacation a memorable one. Even the accommodations are cheap ranging from bamboo bungalows to resorts on the Tonsai Beach.

Laos: if you want to enjoy the natural beauty and manmade attractions, Laos is where you should invest your money in. Sitting at the confluence of two rivers, the town’s skyline is dominated by one steep hill topped with the gleaming spires of Wat Chom Si, which is one of the many gold-hued wats sprinkled across the town and decorated with intricate mosaics depicting the life of Buddha. There is also a small market that is open quite late at night and sells traditional handicrafts and antiques. If you are a religious sort, and want to spend the night in a monastery, all you need is the permission.

Bangkok, Thailand: for every budget traveler backpacking, this place is bustling with life and unique things to do. From sightseeing to enjoying the local culture, you can enjoy several things without drying your wallet. Travelers also get the chance to step in peace in Buddhist temples like Wat Pho with a huge reclining Buddha golden statue. One can also explore the vast and intricate Chatuchak Weekend Market and find lodging and other services throughout the day and night.

Vietnam: the environment of Cat Ba Island is unique to a wide flora and fauna, including the world’s rarest flowers and the golden Cat Ba Langur. There are mangrove forests, craggy peaks and enchanting caverns like Song Sot that tourists can explore. This is also considered a great base for rock climbing, kayaking, water sports, and hiking. This is also one of the cheapest backpacking options.

Indonesia: if you are looking for a place with remote experience, Gili Island in Indonesia is one of the popular backpacking spots since the 1980s. Also known for hatching sea turtles and there is a sanctuary that buys the eggs from the local so that it is not sold in the market. Despite the huge flock of travelers, a large part of the island is largely undeveloped with no automated traffic. Shark Point is a well-known uncrowded dive site and some of the indulgences that can be chosen include good accommodation, lively Irish bar, and Japanese restaurants.

Iran: not a conventional choice is it. This is an offbeat choice for the backpackers and yet friendly and cheap destination. The people are friendly and welcoming with historic cities like Esfahen and massive desserts as well as mountainous areas can be a quite an experience for you. Irrespective the political condition, you can include this in your travel list, if not already.

Goa, India: an ultimate backpacking destination in Asia, if you are willing to take a dive into the full intensity that India has to offer then you are in for a treat. Any travel blogger will tell you that Goa, which is a well-known beach location, has amazing attractions that has travelers around the globe flocking to this destination. At nights, you can celebrate in numerous bars and hotels in the Goan Carnival way.

Bali, Indonesia: one of the famous backpacking sites of Bali is Kuta Beach which has a range of resorts, high-end hotels, culture, beach, and activities suitable for backpackers. You can, not only enjoy the rare scenic regions but also the natural beauty.

Yangshuo, China: if you want to discover a completely different China, Yangshou is the place for you. Spread across the banks of the rivers Li and Yulong, backpackers have been going here ever since it was recommended on the Lonely Planet. The landscape of bare karst peaks, green hills, deep sharp-sided caves and unique sights such as Yangshuo Moon Hill, this is paradise.

Nepal: home to the highest mountains in the world, Nepal is also considered a perfect backpacking destination. Everest basecamps, Annapurna circuits makes this the perfect backpacking destination in Asia for long treks and a favorite choice too. For relaxing, you can visit Pokhran where you can unwind after hard trekking.

Apart from the mentioned above another favorite destination would be Sri Lanka that has a friendly backpacking scene, is laid back and famous for surfing beaches and surf culture. Start packing and plan the next backpacking destination.

Wish to add more places to the list. Do comment below and let the readers know!

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